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Testimonials from Real Clients:

Service was wonderful, things were in order, all funds

were available ahead of time. Will use again and again!!  ---------

Ms. Beverly Brown found a refund I hadn't even

thought about!  Overall an excellent experience!  Will continue to use! ----

I lived in Maryland and through a relative learned that this service was the best.  We called and was able to have Ms. Brown prepare our taxes.  She is awesome!  I now live in Louisiana, and continue to use her.  You cannot go wrong!!  E.B.

Awesome and extremely helpful. - K.G.

Beverly Lafanette Brown

How We Began

"While traveling abroad with my husband who was stationed in Germany, the only place that one knew to get their taxes prepared was with H&R Block. The staff appeared cold and distant and ran the taxpayers though the office like cattle.

After returning from Germany, my husband was given a referral to a tax preparer who was independent and used an extension of her home. She was very good, and I was completely intrigued by the secresy in which she hid the tax tables when reviewing them. I asked her if I paid her would she teach me, to which she gave me a resounding "NO!".

Not to be bested, I took several classes in college, and have loved to prepare tax returns since that time!  I have consistently added additional services to my business as I gained experience and education.

Beverly Lafanette Brown is an accountant with over 30 years experience in Human Resources and Business Management. She is the CEO of the company and does income tax preparation. She also provides other specific business services, bookkeeping, accounting, business process review to increase your revenue and reduce your expenses, and business formations. 

She was employed in the medical field as an administrator, supervising staff, managing office needs, and preparing quarterly tax preparation, both income tax, and business and end of year tax returns.  She back billed over a million dollars of denied services successfully, and worked for a number of years as a medical management software trainer in office classrooms and at client sites across the U.S., being asked to return every week to client sites.  

**Earn Dollars for your Favorite Charity!!

We are proud to offer all of our clients the opportunity to make additional funds for their favorite charity...no matter what that charity is!! Have your tax return prepared here and we will give you a gift certificate for a donation to your charity of choice!! Charity does begin in the heart, let us help to fill your heart with goodwill!!


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Why settle for good, when excellence is an option!!!!!

Great tax returns, Great customer Service. and middle of year tax planning at no additional charge!!

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Verified Testimonials.........

"'Great! friendly service!  ! I've been with her since 2009 and I have plans

to stay with Miss Beverly as my tax lady."  D.S.

"Service was wonderful,  things were in order, and all  funds were available ahead of time.  She is a keeper!  I have her prepare my taxes every year!" E.A.

"I am a customer for life! "J.H.

"Ms. Brown prepares your return with such concern and knowledge it is refreshing.  She treats you like family!  I will certainly be back!"  P.T.

"Miss Beverly is an amazing person, not only as a tax preparer but her compassion for her customers is breathtaking!!" J.A.

"You can't afford not to use this service."  M.S.

"Give her a call, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain."  S.T.

"2005 and beyond have been the best years in my tax preparation history!  Ms. Beverly prepared my taxes so effortlesslly and competently I was amazed.  My refund was more than I ever thought it would be and she is the best I have ever found.  I couldn't thank her enough.  Ms. Beverly is the best!!" K.M.

"Great!! I've been with her since 2009 and I have plans

to stay with Miss Beverly as my tax lady." D.S

"I lived in Maryland, and was told that Ms.  Brown was an excellent tax preparer.  I contacted her, and was more than pleased with her profesionalism, great customer service, and her knowledte and abilities.  I live in Louisiana now, and I would not change tax preparers for any reason.  Great Job Ms. Beverly!"


"I live in San Antonio and have used her service virtually since 2011. Her ability to listen to her clents and vast knowlege of income tax preparation is so helpful.  Thank you Ms. Beverly.  I will see you next year!!"  C.J.

"You have to try it to believe it!  Awesome service! " W.S.

"Income tax preparation is a specialty field.  Do you have the knowledge to successfully prepare your return.  Call Tele-taxes.com."  "Knowledge in the Palms of your Hands!  K.S.

"Calling may be the best decision you have ever made."  J.J.